Follow the Money

Or shall I say, in my world, follow the Information!

It has been said many times that SharePoint is what connects People, Process, and Information. It’s true. Yet, things change a bit. Over time, something else might pick up the game and run with it. Say Yammer. So instead of going with the Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web, let’s go with the Social Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the “Web”.

People with the need to collaborate, share and organize information, tend to gravitate towards technologies like SharePoint. So we all put stuff in SharePoint. We then managed that stuff. We organized it. We acted upon it. We collaborated on it. We still do. Then, one day, I get this question: How can I organize my Yammer content? I started laughing. Crazy laughs. Not small lol, but major LOL. It’s a light bulb moment, an Aha moment. Well, well, well kind of a moment. Are you getting the point? It’s a circle! The problems we solved in SharePoint, we now need to solve them in Yammer.

Today, we use Facebook, Yammer, Twitter,  LinkedIn, and bunch of other things, to share our knowledge, our work, our excitement or lack thereof. What if next, we want to act on that information, start a task or a workflow, analyze and do a search right through the tool and into our ERP system, call a notification service in Azure, and so on. Getting any closer? You got it!

So to summarize, follow the information super highway and ask yourself, what else can I do with this information?



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