To the SharePoint® Conference we go

The SharePoint® Conference 2011 in Anaheim, California marks my third major SharePoint® conference I’ve attended over the years. It is very exciting to see how the product has progressed over these years and how Microsoft® stood behind it to get it to where it is today. With over a 100 million licenses sold, it is truly an amazing story.

And here we go again, around the circle we travel. We travel with partners, clients, colleagues, x-coworkers, and friends. We bring excitement wherever we go. We boost the economy and overload the inter-webs with social and blogging traffic. I heard that Microsoft® is expecting over seven thousand in attendance this year. That’s pretty cool.

As far as sessions, there are plenty of everything. I am personally looking forward to attending Cloud and Office 365 related sessions. I am going to focus in on the 400’s and 300’s level sessions this year with few 200’s here and there.

Sessions that I will attend include the following:

Title Speaker #
Out of the Sandbox and into the cloud: Build your next SharePoint… Andrew Connell SPC410
How Microsoft Builds, Deploys and Runs SharePoint Online: A Peek … Roberto Taboada, Doron Bar-Caspi SPC352
Deep Dive on Developing Custom Service Applications Todd Bleeker SPC401
Advanced SharePoint Data Access with Silverlight Robert German, Ryan Sockalosky SPC400
Identity in SharePoint Online Phil Wicklund SPC259
SharePoint, Azure and Claims Integration for Developers Steve Peschka, James Petrosky SPC412
Deep Dive: Implementing Kerberos for your BI Applications Tom Wisnowski SPC404
Building Business Applications on Azure using Office365 and Windows … Tony Meleg, Jesus Rodriguez SPC320
Cloud Packing: Preparing for the Move into SharePoint Online James Petrosky, Kimmo Forss SPC327
Branding SharePoint Online Sites Randy Drisgill, John Ross SPC205
Exploring the Office Developer Story in Microsoft Office 365 Tanuj Bansal, Devinder Singh SPC346

Now, last time, Microsoft® did setup a purchasing system where you could buy the conference material if you didn’t get to attend it. I would think they’ll have something like that again this year.


Till next time, stay thirsty my friends.


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