Remember The Name

This is not a blog post on Fort Minor’s Remember The Name song even though I like the song itself and I think it says a lot about our alter-ego along with a bunch of other stuff.

This post is about remembering individuals, who during our lifetime, have inspired us. It’s about people, a person, a manager, a supervisor, a friend, an enemy, a foe, mom or dad, brother or sister, anyone with a name that at one point in time sparked a fire inside of you. It’s about that moment when you discovered something amazing because of someone else’s helping hands. It’s about everything you’ve learned so far. It’s about who you are today and what you have become .

Remembering individuals who’ve helped me become who I am today is something I am very proud of. There is no day that goes by without thinking about them. This past weekend, I and my son Sammy traveled to Kansas to see a Nascar race. During our time there, we talked about my work, what I do and how I got here. I shared with Sammy and our relatives, who we were with, my story; about how I left Lebanon and traveled alone to the States seeking opportunity and success. I shared with them the many times I needed help and how there was always someone there to help me, guide me and direct me. I went on to emphasize the fact that people around us, the environment, events and circumstances have a very deep effect on our experience, knowledge, and intelligence. This is not a new concept here. We all know that, I hope. Yes, we are born with certain traits and yes those traits are adjusted during our growing period, and yes we can make our own choices, but guess what, you make a choice because of an event or because of some action someone else took. What I am trying to get to is simple: For every action, there is a reaction. There is no invention without a need. A bad answer may inspire a good one. Good can come out of bad and bad can come out of good. Without the first, there is no latter. We owe our knowledge to others who’ve done the work and spent the time discovering and documenting.

As technologists, developers, and IT Pros, how many times we go online everyday looking for answers? It has become a routine thing for most of us. More and more we are relying on others and their knowledge to do our jobs. Remember those blog post authors, those TechNet and MSDN writers, and those books you read. All of these resources and people are making an impact on you and me. Let’s try to remember them. I love it when I hear someone hints that they know it all or write on their resume that they’re super advanced and experts in a certain area. Really? well, let’s cut out the internet and uninstall the help libraries from your computer, take away all the books you have, give you a problem you never seen or heard of before in a domain you never worked in and let’s see how you do. About 97% of us will fail miserably. The rest are geniuses. Hire them.

In summary, don’t take anything for granted. Always be grateful and always stay grateful. Be a student and remember the names of people who made a difference in your life and career.

Take it easy.


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