SharePoint 2010 – Think Technology and You will miss the point

Have you seen the new SharePoint 2010 Developer Platform Map located here []? Let me ask again… If you’ve seen it and you’re a bit creative, you know what I’m talking about. It fired me up personally. It confirmed to me that business and personal productivity is not all about technology. It has a relationship with technology, but not in a direct way.

We do not need to know and use the latest and greatest products to be productive. When you try to be creative and think of new ways to see through new product releases, what do you do? Do you install and play around with the new release or you sit back and sift through the messaging behind it?

Look at the map once again. This is not a developer platform map. It’s more than that. Developer maps are usually boxed up. They’re all about rectangles, squares, and hierarchies. This map is about something else. It combines the views of developers, IT Pros, and business decision makers into one holistic platform. It carries many of SharePoint 2010 new and improved technologies and technical nomenclature without skipping over the vision behind the platform.

The way Microsoft chose to represent those new platform pieces is amazing to me. The map looks like a mind map of some sort taking a leap forward into the future. It allows for the creation, growth, and distribution of more ideas and concepts, hence more solutions. This map displays in visual appeal of what Steve Ballmer and Tom Rizzo talked about during SPC 2009. It’s not just Collaboration, its Communities of People collaborating. It’s not just Business Intelligence, it’s Insights that will drive the discovery of information and expertise. Etc, etc.

In summary, SharePoint 2010 is, this time around, The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web.

Finally, a developer platform poster that is exciting. Thank you Microsoft.

Take it easy!


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I'm an IT Solutions Architect with background in requirements gathering, planning, design, architecture, and development (not necessarily in the right order). Currently, my focus is on the Microsoft Cloud, Productivity and Collaboration space. Hope you enjoy what I write about here. Thanks for visiting. Johnny Harbieh
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