SharePoint Adapts to Social and Business Behavior

With the release date of SharePoint 2010 Beta 2 closing in, I wonder what’s next for Microsoft. They’re probably already planning on the next release; the one that comes after 2010, may be 2014 or something like that 🙂 I say that because if you are building software today, you ought to think forward. What makes businesses tick? What makes people tick? And how are you and your company going to adjust and adapt to new ways of thinking and new methods of communication as they come alive.

It’s not a mystery today that social computing networks like Twitter and Facebook has gone viral. Those guys are geniuses. I’m sure, they were sitting down somewhere at some coffee shop really late, they probably hung outside as the coffee shop manager closed his store thinking all night long to early morning hours and felt really bad they had to go to work, etc…. no I’m just kidding or may be I’m not kidding. What I think happened is really simple. It is like any major creation that changes the way we think and operate. It’s like any great idea. It’s simple. Solutions that solve problems are most of the time simple. We complicate things to feel safe and to feel that we’ve accomplished something. The answer is look yourself in the mirror. Technology has done great things for us and continue to do so. It saves lives. It enables us to work faster and more efficient. We can process and produce information like never before. But ultimately, we all still behave the same. People still have the same problems. Businesses still have the same problems. That’s why we are in business. Some of us use technology to their benefit, others it’s another obstacle to cross and understand. Anyways, the answer is simply this: normal human behavior. With technology we are able to separate and work remotely, yet on the other hand, we need each other. I want to see your face and you want to see my smile. I want to know what you know and I want to tell you about what I know. Isn’t this Twitter?

Social and Business behavior should be one of the key components of any new software package that hopes to make it big. Processes surround people. Microsoft figured this out long time ago before lot of us came to realize it. SharePoint and the vision of SharePoint is the culmination of that realization. Why, again, the answer is simple. The idea is to make information available for people to act on and make informed decisions. It’s about sharing your knowledge with your peers. It’s about collaborating with them and SharePoint has been enabling that from the beginning. It wasn’t pretty, but it adjusted and adapted to us and our needs.

With SharePoint 2010 comes a new message. SharePoint has become the “.. information operating system…” as Andrew Ewing puts it. Applications we build on SharePoint has become “… the acts of SharePoint…” and “… SharePoint product releases are in fact product surges…” SharePoint 2010 as addressed by Microsoft at SPC 2009 is the business platform for the enterprise and the web opening the doors to more and better focus on solutions built to accommodate all business scenarios. SharePoint is here to stay and the longer it’s here the better it becomes in adapting to our behavior as consultants, developers, integrators, customers and friends. Features that we all used to code or download, modify and integrate are now part of the platform; think BDC to BCS, think Smart Part to Visual Web Part, think Silverlight, think some more… The interface has become simpler and more integrated. Visual studio seems to know what we want to do most of the time. New SharePoint 2010 social networking and computing features are part of what’s available OOB. Microsoft responded to what the market and people are doing. People want to get together without getting together. Organizations want to know about its people and find and cultivate knowledge like never before and SharePoint 2010 enables them to do just that.

With this new release SharePoint solidifies its foothold in the market place with new capabilities and workloads put together not just to serve our current needs, but to help grow businesses and drive them forward. SharePoint is moving faster than we can ever move. We can’t wait to see it in action and we are looking forward to a great year full of great stories.

Notes: This blog entry is also posted on the Analysts International Community Blog site. Click here to see it.

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