Fixing Error 1500 Another Installation is in process

A quick note here on options to fix MSI Installer error 1500. The other day, I spent a good chunk of my morning digging into this. I was really surprised as to why this is happening. My machine is brand new Windows 7 and everything else on it is, well, except for few 2010 programs 🙂

Anyways, this specific error is similar to other MSI installer errors where it complains about another package is already installing or not finished installing and you should wait till its done… oh, well, here’s what I tried doing

1. Looked up some info on the issue. See KB article Other people on the forums where saying the same, restart your computer and you should be fine. Or Check your registry, may its corrupt or something.

3. I did do a System Restore. First one on my Windows 7 so far. Hopefully the last. This one worked for me just for few hours 😦 I tried to do another install and failed.

4. I dug into the Services and Task Manager console and found a couple of msiexec processes plus one msiserver service. The two processes looked like as if there was one for 32 Bit and one for 64 Bit. I tried ending their tasks, but without any luck. They kept firing up again. Looking at the service itself, I could not restart it or stop it. The buttons were disabled. I tried elevating my permissions, but can I go higher than the Local Administrator on the box, not sure 😦

5. This is it. The last thing I did that fixed it all. I disabled the msiserver service and restarted my computer. Now all is good, hopefully.

Till next time, when you think you can run away from your troubles, more end up following you.


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One Response to Fixing Error 1500 Another Installation is in process

  1. Beth says:

    Good to know. Hope I don’t have the same issue when I go to Win7.

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