Have some Firefox about:config fun!

A few months back, I was looking at how to disable IPv6 communication in browsers and found a nifty little trick in Firefox along the way.

Now, before I go ahead and talk about that, lets look at IE. You may be familiar with some of the custom address bar commands in IE; ones like "about:blank" and "javascript:".

The "javascript:" one allows you to insert or call simple JS functions, like this one: javascript:alert(‘Hello, world!’). See figure below.


I did a quick BING search and yes, it brought back some memories. Check out Coding Horror <http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001265.html> article on just that.

Back to Firefox, if you like to dig in and look at the browser’s configuration file/settings, try the following:

1. Open up Firefox and type: about:config in the address bar. Then hit Enter. Isn’t this funny? They actually changed this screen over time. I don’t think it used to say that.


2. Now, click the I’ll be careful, I promise! button and you will get the list of all available configuration options in Firefox. This list is not available via the ToolsOptions menu. See below.


3. Now lets type in a Filter for IPv6 and see what we get. You see that my IPv6 setting is set to false.


4. To toggle the value to true, right click on the configuration setting and click Toggle. To go back to the full listing , either click on the Show All button or simply clear the Filter box.


That’s about it. Take it easy!


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I'm an IW Solutions Architect with background in requirements gathering, planning, design, architecture, and development (not necessarily in the right order). Currently, my focus is on the Microsoft Cloud, Productivity and Collaboration space. Hope you enjoy what I write about here. Thanks for visiting. Johnny Harbieh
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