First hand experience with culture shock

I know you’ve all read about people migrating to different countries and how the new culture can affect their persona in a way that provokes scrutiny into human behavior… Wow, what did I just say? I have no idea. It’s kind of a loaded statement. Anyway, lets keep going 🙂

So my parents came to town. Both are advanced in their age and both like to joke around, have fun and enjoy their meals with friends and family. So here’s the quick and dirty on culture shock. Please be advised that this may affect the way you look at people from other nations, cultures or creeds. I will not be responsible for your behavior thereafter.

Ok, now, let’s have some fun, shall we?

Parent: People are very nice here. They stop for pedestrians trying to cross the street.

Me: Yes, not all the time though.

Parent: Are we still in [State Name]? We’ve been driving for a half hour or so.

Me: Yes, we are

Parent: People seem to follow the law around here. This is very good.

Me: Don’t watch T.V please.

Parent: I expected to see lots of green trees.

Me: We’re not on the west side of the continent. Winter is long around here.

Parent: Houses are made of wood? All of it is wood? Any cement or concrete? We hear stories about homes getting destroyed in big storms.

Me: We have insurance.

Parent: Why is there so much open space in your backyard? Plant some apple or lemon trees or something you can eat.

Me: I love to mow my lawn.

Parent: Why did this waiter refill my drink? I didn’t ask him to do that.

Me: He likes to keep coming.

Parents: Why are these glasses so big?

Me: Well, we like everything big around here.


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I'm an IW Solutions Architect with background in requirements gathering, planning, design, architecture, and development (not necessarily in the right order). Currently, my focus is on the Microsoft Cloud, Productivity and Collaboration space. Hope you enjoy what I write about here. Thanks for visiting. Johnny Harbieh
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One Response to First hand experience with culture shock

  1. Beth says:

    That is good stuff. I’m sure they had many examples of "culture shock" while they were here. We should be grateful for all we have.

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