Microsoft Ignite 2016, Atlanta, GA

I headed off to Atlanta, GA this year for another serving of Microsoft Ignite. Was not planning on it, however, our Marketing team, had another plan in mind. They produced a ticket for me and placed me on schedule to work the booth!

As someone who grew up around SharePoint (In fact my first ever conference I attended was a SharePoint conference in Bellevue, WA. @Bill Baer talks about it here, I find Ignite not attractive.

I am thankful however and grateful to my employer, CDW, the Marketing team, and my colleagues who are always there to help me out and keep my company.

Also, thanks for #MNSPUG for inviting me over to share my learnings and experiences from #MSIgnite. Our MN resident MCM, Brian Caauwe took charge of our gathering last Wednesday and got us all on the right track. It was a lot of fun!

Finally, here is my story about Microsoft Ignite 2016. Enjoy!

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Microsoft Build Conference 2016

If I were to summarize the story that Microsoft Build Conference 2016  told me, here it is in plain English:

Conversations as a Platform (CaaS)

1. Augment Human Experiences
2. 3 Major Pieces: People, Digital Assistance, Bots
3. Content which represents: People, Places, Things

The following sway represents bits and pieces from the conference. I like to collect quotes and keywords, anything numbers, key products or services mentioned, and so forth.

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Post Microsoft Ignite Conference 2015

It’s been a month now since the Microsoft Ignite 2015 Conference. 23K or so attendees from all over the world merged to learn, connect, and establish new paths for themselves and their organizations.

Few of the sessions I attended included the following:

Next year, Ignite will be from May 9 to May 13th in Chicago. Keep an eye on and sign up for email updates.

A ton of material is online already, however, keep an eye on the following blogs and posts from industry and community leaders at:

Joel Olson

Microsoft (Yammer)

Microsoft (Blog)

IT unity

William Baer


@Joe Shepherd at CDW also took a stab at Ignite and summarized his experience there. Check out his blog post here

And of course, Twitter is awesome for this sort of discovery and research. Simply click or access this link

Now, if you’re looking to download Microsoft Ignite Conference 2015 content, check out the following scripts:

In the past folks who were not able to attend a SharePoint Conference, had to pay close to $300.00 US to gain access to the content. Today, its all out there, free for all. Which brings me to my summary and closing remarks.

While the numbers are growing in favor of social collaboration tools and platforms hosted in the cloud , don’t forget the natural occurrence of gravity; what goes up, eventually, must come back down (whether on this Earth or some other “Earth”). Microsoft is heavily investing in cloud-down innovation. One of the major announcements at Ignite was around the Windows Azure Stack Take a look. Azure in your own Datacenter. This is the way back!

Most of what we do today is online. Most of the knowledge we have is online. Most of everything is online. The ability to differentiate what is true from what is false knowledge is becoming harder. What is a hack, versus, what is a best practice? All the How To do a certain thing, deploy a piece of software, configure this or that, etc. is all online. I once answered a customer of mine; I said my job can be summarized in 8 to 10 browser tabs. We both laughed. 

With that said, dig deeper in whatever you do and find more! 


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Time to Recycle

Time to remind ourselves with one important task. Don’t forget to recycle. It is time to reset your internal machines and look forward to a better year ahead. Time to think about all of your accomplishments and everything in between.

Think about your family, your close friends, your career, those new relationships you formed, those ones you lost, the love, the hate, the pain, the emotions, the work you do, the company or institution you’re in, yourself, your parents, your relatives, the promises you made, the smiles you offered, nature, and your country. Think about all of these things. Because they deserve it.

Alright, well. That’s all great! One more thing. Think about what’s next. What’s next for your, your path, and where are you going, who’s following you and take care of them.

And for SharePoint sake, get a pint and celebrate #SharePint

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Follow the Money

Or shall I say, in my world, follow the Information!

It has been said many times that SharePoint is what connects People, Process, and Information. It’s true. Yet, things change a bit. Over time, something else might pick up the game and run with it. Say Yammer. So instead of going with the Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web, let’s go with the Social Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the “Web”.

People with the need to collaborate, share and organize information, tend to gravitate towards technologies like SharePoint. So we all put stuff in SharePoint. We then managed that stuff. We organized it. We acted upon it. We collaborated on it. We still do. Then, one day, I get this question: How can I organize my Yammer content? I started laughing. Crazy laughs. Not small lol, but major LOL. It’s a light bulb moment, an Aha moment. Well, well, well kind of a moment. Are you getting the point? It’s a circle! The problems we solved in SharePoint, we now need to solve them in Yammer.

Today, we use Facebook, Yammer, Twitter,  LinkedIn, and bunch of other things, to share our knowledge, our work, our excitement or lack thereof. What if next, we want to act on that information, start a task or a workflow, analyze and do a search right through the tool and into our ERP system, call a notification service in Azure, and so on. Getting any closer? You got it!

So to summarize, follow the information super highway and ask yourself, what else can I do with this information?


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Notes on TechEd 2013 North America

I attended my first ever TechEd conference last week, and what a deal that was. Definitely, an awesome place to be at. A ton of people, I heard close to 10K, but cannot confirm. The place was New Orleans, LA at the convention center.

I think to summarize my experience there, and looking ahead, I could say

    • A great conference to attend for sure. Your time will not be wasted and it is worth every penny you spend on it
    • Great content with a wide array of topics and choices for the IT Pro and Developer types who are looking to grow and expand their skillsets beyond what they do everyday
    • The speakers are awesome and well known in their respective industries
    • Interesting set of vendors. I saw few that appear at the SharePoint Conferences, but also a ton of vendors I never heard of
    • The closing party was really cool, with Tina Tuner showing up and Drew Brees throwing footballs to attendees
    • And yes, we all got a couple of Surface devices. Each attendee had a choice to buy one or both: a Surface Pro and/or Surface RT at a discounted price
    • I loved the Birds of Feather sessions or should I say BOF sessions
    • I got to see some of my friends from the SharePoint community, which was all awesomeness
    • There were some really cool announcements on Azure pricing, such as: not paying for stopped services / instances. In the past, we would shut down a service and we would have had to delete it. Now, we can just leave it out there in a Stopped state.

Check out the Keynote for more

Now, from a messaging and content standpoint, the following key topics were addressed in a lot of different ways

  • Cloud First Architecture and what that means
  • Hybrid models with Office 365, Azure, SharePoint
  • System Center and Private Cloud
  • Self Service BI along with Big Data Analytics
  • A ton of developer content on
    • SharePoint Apps + Hosting models
    • Windows Phone and Windows 8

Anyways, overall, what a great conference. I hope to be able to make it to one again.

Till next time, take it easy

#SharePoint #CharPoint #TTC

Links and Resources

Official TechEd site

Channel9 event site

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Connecting People, Process and Information

Does it sound familiar? The message, the vision, the strategy, the goal of becoming a company fully deployed on SharePoint. SharePoint, The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web can simply become and adapt to you, as a person, as an organization.

SharePoint, The organizational Operating System. It connects, it informs, it processes, it stores, it manages, and it socializes.

Think about it.


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